Château Laulan Ducos 1999
" Made largely from Cabernet Sauvignon (68%) grown on the gravelly soil of Jau-Dignac, this wine has a brilliant colour and elegant fruity, spicy aromas."
  Hachette Guide 2003.
1999 Château Laulan Ducos has a soft, complex structure. It is best to drink when young and fruity, within the next two years.
Vintage1999  >>Blaye 2001 Bronze Medal / Macon 2001 Bronze Medal
Château Laulan Ducos 2000
" Coinciding with the château's newly-designed label, this vintage was obliged to be something special.
It rises to the challenge, with a delicious Cabernet character (67% of the final blend) that comes through beautifully.
The wine’s attractive, deep, garnet-red colour holds a great deal of promise.
The bouquet follows through wonderfully, a medley of red fruit, candied fruit, prune, and a slight toastiness.
The wine starts out full-bodied, rich, round, and elegant on the palate, going on to display a hint of liquorice and delicious, smooth tannin reflecting very ripe grapes. A great wine that needs four to six years more cellaring. Best served with refined cuisine."
  Favorites of the Hachette Guide2004.
The rich, impressive structure of this 2000 calls for long ageing. The superb aftertaste confirms what a fine Médoc this is. This wine will be at its best after 5-6 years of ageing.
Vintage 2000  >>Macon 2003 Bronze Medal
Château Laulan Ducos 2001
This 2001’s marked fruitiness and excellent structure highlight its beautiful aromatic qualities .
This vintage has great ageing potential, although it is already very open. Best enjoyed in 3 or 4 years.
Vintage 2001  >>Blaye 2003 Bronze Medal / Macon 2003 Bronze Medal
Excessive drinking is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.
Château LAULAN DUCOS Jau-Dignac-Loirac